San Diego Disability Discrimination Attorney

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), people with disabilities are protected from workplace discrimination. Unfortunately, there are employers that still discriminate against disabled or handicapped individuals. At the Gomez Law Firm, our team of experienced employment law attorneys have successfully represented disabled employees bring cases against workplace discrimination under the ADA. Our firm has experience handling complex claims including:

  • An employer's refusal to make reasonable accommodations for your disability  
  • Termination or other workplace inequity related to a disability
  • Employers who refuse to hire a disabled person for a job where their impairment causes no limitations to job performance
  • Employers who permit harassment of mentally disabled employees and punishes the disabled employee for complaints

Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace

Your employer is required to make "reasonable accommodations" that allow you to perform your job. The issue of what is reasonable, though, can be a major point of contention. The Gomez Law Firm can assist you with negotiations and provide aggressive litigation, if necessary, that compels an employer to become compliant with the requirements of the ADA.

Whenever you have a disability or serious medical condition, your case may involve many other federal and state laws in addition to the ADA, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act, or your rights under a short or long term disability plan. If you feel you have been denied a job opportunity or that your employer treats you unfairly or assumes that you cannot perform certain job duties because of your disability, you may have a justifiable job discrimination claim against that employer. Keep in mind that filing a claim of this type requires detailed research and usually bears the burden of proof. It is important that you contact the experienced employment law attorneys at The Gomez Law Firm for guidance through this process. The only way to end discrimination against people with disabilities is to fight against stereotypes and the prejudice that is associated with them. Consult with the attorneys of the Gomez Law Firm to protect your rights.

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